We are so in love with this radio!! Best gift I can bring into my home! Thank you!!!!!!! Keep up the amazing work!


As a parent who carefully screened media for my children in the 1980’s, and who is now a grandparent doing the same, the Nakiradio sounds like a great idea whose time has come!


A. May. Zing. We have it on all day


I’m going to buy it for my kids. I think it’s an ingenious idea. My 11 year old son is always asking to listen to the Google “play music” on my phone and it’s not ideal. This is the perfect solution. Thank you!


NakiRadio is the talk of the town. So many people told me they are getting it for their kids


I love it! What a great way to go into Chanuka! Thank you!


It works fine in the UK, it’s playing nearly all day in my house, I love it.


I received my Naki radio. I need to tell you how it’s changed our life!!!! Thank u thank u thank u for creating the best thing ever!!!!


Just want to thank you for the radios we bought for our grandchildren for Chanuka. We ordered 8, for each of my married children and they loved them. The feedback was amazing, the kids listen to it before they go to sleep and in the morning before school. Thanks again. We’re big fans!!


My kids can’t get enough of the variety of music and the endless stories. What a wonderful creation.


We are enjoying the NakiRadio thank you so much for an amazing product


My husband tried the radio and loves it


I’m enjoying your product tons. We’re really enjoying the beautiful sound and my kids love the kid stations


We have been loving it. We’ve had it on constantly since the day it’s arrived!


Hi, just want to give you feedback on our Chanuka gifts we gave to our grandchildren! The NakiRadio was a huge hit! Their parents are telling us the children listen to it all the time esp. before bed time… Thank you for the great service and wonderful product.


I love, love, love, LOVE the radio, we have it on all day. I used to use my phone, was always a problem because when I needed to look something up I would have to stop the music, this is great


I am thrilled to have Yiddishe music streaming in the house now.


The best gift my husband could buy for me


I recommended this item to so many of my family and friends. They all love it!


We’re enjoying like crazy, recommend you to everybody


Amazing device – my son is able to listen independently with no worries from me – wakes up to the alarm on it with music each morning


Thanks, have happy grand kids BH


Thank you! We love it! My kids love the stories keeps them busy and quiet! Thank you thank you!


As a salesman in a Judaica store I highly recommend the NakiRadio. It’s a hot seller… a nice buy


What an amazing product and unparalleled customer service. Win win. Thank you!


We love the idea and hope that your Radio is in every Jewish home


We are enjoying the stations, and by the way, the sound is excellent!


An amazing amazing device, the best invention.


My teenage daughter absolutely loves this radio


We are amazed that there is one item that can be purchased for a family of all ages to enjoy! It’s affordable, safe and able to be used at all times of the day without any screen time! It’s especially helpful for bochurim who have limited forms of entertainment that are kosher. Aside from my kids daily use of it, when my kids were sick this winter, the NakiRadio helped to distract them and pass the time home sick. Thank you so much.


In our 11 years as parents we have never purchased anything so amazing and rich with chinuch like the NakiRadio. Keep up the amazing awesome work! Thank you for partnering up with parents to keep the home a kosher place.


We love the naki radio in our home!


We got your radio for Chanukah and have really been enjoying it!! The kids LOVE it and so do the adults!!


A great must-have kosher music device. An excellent purchase. My whole family loves it. Speaker quality was surprisingly excellent.


We are LOVING our new NakiRadio. My kids especially love the story stations


I know everything is eventually available in some digital form or the other, but I enjoy  Naki’s simplicity.


We love the NakiRadio. I’m saving to get two more for my eineklach!


My family loves it, my children keep taking it from one room to another


I want to tell you how amazing this radio is. We love them so much, I had to buy 3 because all my kids needed one in each of their rooms!


This is a great product, my kids love it!


I purchased a NakiRadio as a gift for my grandchildren. They love it. Thank you for a wonderful product.


Well worth it. It provides hours of entertainment for my children. It’s open all morning and evenings, during mealtimes


We love, love, love it! Kids listen day and night. Considering buying more for the bedrooms.


I love it. Keeps my kids busy. I like that they can scroll the channels and choose what they want to listen to.


We have it and love it. Use it all day. Lots of good music on there. A lot of new songs are played. My kids dance around the kitchen all day. There’s also kids’ stations with something on all the time.